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Healthfirst Chiropractic is a brand new venture and like any new starts is both exciting and daunting. Looking at making changes to our health and fitness can be the same.

Spring is often a time where we start to re-evaluate our health and wellbeing as we emerge from an often inactive winter with the anticipation of the summer to come. Sometimes we know that we could feel fitter and better but just don’t know where to start in order to make changes for the better. Our new year’s resolutions can feel a long way away and once again didn’t last as long as we’d hoped!

If this applies to you and you want to make some positive changes but don’t know where to start then I’m hoping the blog and any Facebook postings will give you some ideas as to where to start and encourage you to keep going!

In the words of Brett Hill, chiropractor and wellness coach,…”how to eat an elephant….one bite at a time!!” i.e. improving our health and wellbeing can seem like a mammoth task, but small sustainable changes over a long period of time can make a massive difference. If those changes to begin with are healthy additions then that’s an easier path to tread than beginning with deprivation. This often doesn’t work because of the negative emotions deprivation brings with it.

So welcome to the journey!

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